The Rants of an ‘American Born Proud Desi’

I welcome you to me, a not-so typical ‘ABPD,’ to my rants and rambles, questions and some answers; just randomness of me and what’s going on in my life.

The funny thing is,  I had started numerous blogs and journals throughout various stages in my life, yet, the thought of continuing them seemed to be so monotone.  Yet this time, I feel that my writings, my voice, is meant to make a difference. I want to be a tool/resource for people to relate to and open themselves to.

Some of what I say may not make sense, some may be controversial tell-all’s, but these are my life experiences and my story to tell. Everything that happens happens for a reason as cliche’ as it sounds, but if I am able to express what happened to the benefit of another, then I have done my rightful duty.

And remember, no matter how hard it seems…no matter how much someone tries to put you down…always, ALWAYS follow your passion and dreams.




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