Loss of “Love”

June 12th, 2016, I recall my phone was buzzing with notifications from various news apps alerting me of the up to date details of what is known as a massacre of humanity.

The shock and sorrow of what has happened still lingers through the air of the nation…

I want to set one thing straight while I type this excerpt- a human life is a human life. Just because a person may love another of the same sex, does not mean we should condemn them for a life of hatred.  They walk the same earth as we do, breathe the same air, eat food,  have blood running through their veins, and a heart keeping them alive… They are people.

What’s even worse is that certain INFAMOUS individuals are calling out minority groups claiming that they are the reasoning of this tragic event. The fact of the matter is that this could have happened anywhere in the country, at any place, but it happened at a club frequented by the LGBT community. I will mention this again that they too are people just like any of us. Rather than point fingers at certain groups, we must remember that regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, we are all human beings and instead of pushing people to be outliers, we should be protecting each other and coming together especially in times such as this.

People of color are going through a loss of “love”- for each other, and from those who are considered white supremacists. I know we may feel alone and looked down upon, but that should not stop us from pushing back on the bigotry and hatred that is growing.


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