Breaking Free

After years of struggling through depression and the constant idea that I will never succeed and meet my parents, or anyone’s expectations for the matter, I realized that this is not a way to live and neither should anyone else. As a South Indian Malayalee Girl and a first generation college student, I want to break free of the barriers put up around me, and yes, as along with many others- I want to become successful. I have been through a great ordeal whether it be through family or personal issues which I had to overcome. There was even a point in my life where I thought my existence was worthless, and that I was getting nowhere in life.

Then I discovered that my passion of dance, the arts, and media culture in general could be a channel for me to escape, along with create a difference in the world. It took me several years to come to this conclusion as to what I want to do in life, and finally, after a constant mental battle between what my parents want and with what I really want, I decided it was time to decide for myself.  I want to make an impact, to have my voice heard, and be an inspiration to people of a diverse background who feel they cannot make it in the world-and I felt that by utilizing the resources, tools, and voice of the media, I can.

America is known to be a blend of various cultures, hence why it is known as the melting pot. It is here where a variety of cultures from all around the world have contributed their own distinct “flavor” to the American society today. Diversity is the uniqueness, which each and every individual brings to any establishment, association, or organization. Growing up as a first generation born South Indian girl in America, it was often the case where I was put in situations from a young age to question as to whether something which I was doing or learning was going against traditions of my roots, (hence why the term ‘ABCD’ has been labeled amongst us). The fact that I am indeed living for what I am fighting for and against -cultural diversity and inclusiveness, is what drives me to step up and perhaps break boundaries in my culture to integrate the American way of life. We are living in a multicultural society, we need to find the median of the cultures, and I want to help guide the pathway to that.

This is the primary objective of me blogging again-   to emphasize the importance of encouraging those growing up with mixed backgrounds and diversities to pursue what they want to do. Rather than forcing upon your old dreams onto your child, let them find their own calling of who they want to become. This may seem that they are becoming “modernized,” but in they are not. It is just them fitting into the mainstream life of society and that to me, means they have started to identify themselves and who they are.

We need to have this concept of universality amongst all living human beings as well as the openness in discovering ourselves and what it means to be unique. If we have figures in the media who can instill this sense of hope that we of color can break barriers, then I feel the world will blossom into something more.

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