Being Weak to Become Strong

Life is full of choices, yet we somehow feel that we are limited in certain aspects of what we do.

There are various norms that are placed in society that we, ourselves as humans created, yet can’t seem to break…

It seems that the only time we are to realize our true potential is when we rise from when we are down. Only when we are our weakest do we realize that we are strong.

“To share your weakness is to make yourself vulnerable; to make yourself vulnerable is to show your strength.” -Criss Jami

Life has thrown me various curve balls. Each one of these experiences have allowed me to have a different outlook in the world; but not without a struggle.

Think of it like a lighthouse, an unshakable tower that you will see standing tall in the midst of a tumultuous storm, grey skies, roaring waves and an angry sea breeze trying to knock it down; but never falters. It will continue to do its duty and be the light to guide those lost at sea.

Too often do we build up walls around ourselves during grief, pain, or challenges, inflating ourselves to be proud people who do not need anyone’s help, people who are getting by just fine…people who are strong enough to weather the storm on their own.

We close ourselves off to feeling anything in the name of self-preservation. We start to distance ourselves from emotions that are foreign and perhaps scare us because of how they make us seem weak, vulnerable in front of those we care about.

But it must be realized that we must allow ourselves to embrace that weakness is OK. It is only through allowing ourselves to feel those daunting emotions that we can be able to invite love to strengthen us…

Actually, it’s rather a beautiful thing for someone to be weak for that reason – for in that moment of weakness, we will rely and depend on others to build us up again, to make us strong, to comfort and encourage us… It is then that a bond is established between you and whomever when you finally learn to accept your weakness. In that moment, transparency, honesty, and open communication win.

Not only have you achieved a new level of personal growth by this point, but you’ve also given the incredible gift of the opportunity to demonstrate their friendship, loyalty, and love for you by simply being there, by being present, and by enacting love…

By bottling up our emotions, we are denying others the chance to show up for us…to support us…We are essentially denying a chance to evolve…

So,for me personally…I made the decision to embrace my emotions and whatever weaknesses and downfalls happen to knock at my door, I welcome them…

If someone wanted to hold me while I cried, I let them.

If someone wanted to be a listening ear, I spoke from the depths of my heart.

If someone asked me how I was doing, I answered with honesty, even if it meant admitting that I was hurting and devastated…

Have you been spending too much time hiding behind walls in an effort to be strong? Have you been distancing yourself from others, fearing they will think you weak? Have you kept your emotions at arm’s length because they intimidate you, scare you, or fill you with uncertainties?

It’s time to give yourself permission to feel. It’s time to embrace the very vulnerability you shun and in doing so and discover the love, joy, and peace that awaits you.

In summary — it’s actually through our weaknesses that we become strong again.

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