First Female Superstar No More

I literally was in a state of shock to hear the news. I have no personal connections to this Goddess of a being, but to learn of her passing tugged a string at my heart.

Sridevi Kapoor, 54,  was a woman I idolized for years. She was the reason I fell in love with cinema with her expressive eyes gracing the screens transfixing me to the art since I was a child. From  Julie, to 16 Vaiyathinile, Nagina, and English Vinglish (just to name a few), she has captured the audience of India (and world), with her ethereal presence.

She was and forever will be the finest actress of time.

As time passes on, the pieces that made my childhood seem to go along with it…This reminds us that we are not immortal, but the impact one can make in present life will stay alive in millions of hearts. This legend will be remembered always for her charm, personality, grace and wit.



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