Kerala Flood Crisis

My origins as well as many of my close family and friends roots lie in Kerala, India and right now,  Gods Own Country is facing one of the most severe floodings costing us lives, history, and our family homes.

I recall during my summer visits how lovely the monsoon season was, how soothing the sounds of the rain were as it hits the ground and replenished the earth, but it seems now it has displaced hundreds of thousands of people and their livelihoods.

This has been going on for weeks, not days, and yet it’s taken only until the past few days for the Government of India and the Natural Disaster Response Force (NDRF) to deploy teams to help the affected areas they are able to reach.

What saddens me the most is as multiple cities are being submerged, as families are unable to access clean food and water, as unidentified and identified bodies are appearing on the streets – not a single national or global news coverage has been documented on this emergency crisis in India. As an individual who has worked in the media, isn’t it our duty to let the people know what is going on in the world in order to help make it a better place?

As a NRI, an ABPD, a proud Malayalee, there is only so much I and my fellow community members can do. We do have the capabilities to give back to our homeland, to voice out to our contacts in the media and organizations, we have the opportunities to help uplift our traditions and preserve our lands should we choose to.

Right now, Kerala is in need of immediate assistance. The Federation of Malayalee Associations of Americas (FOMAA) is immediately organizing people, clean food and water, and medical assistance – and with your donation, no matter how big or small – it will help give back hope to the people of Kerala.

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