Rising from the Burnt Ashes of 2018

I’ve been thinking of writing this piece for a while yet hesitated to be so vulnerable in front of all of you who have read the Voice of what this ABPD has to say.

Over the past couple of weeks, I delved into the archives of what the “Voice of an ABPD” had initially started with.

She was proud of her culture. She was the bold voice for those who felt voiceless. She was – no is, still all of those characteristics and more. She has grown from the first blog post back in 2016 where all she wanted was to break the stereotypical mold of what it means to be an American Born Desi.

2018 wasn’t the easiest year. If I am to be transparent, it probably was and will be a year I will forever reflect on as it taught me to face my fears, to be strong and to be hopeful for the future of tomorrow.


Without going into too many of the details of the last 365 days more or less – let’s just say, I chose the path of least resistance for a reason.

This was a year where the lowest points of my life came before me and I had to decide whether to take control and rise from flames. This was a year of career changes and losses. This was a year of health concerns. This was a year of many lost friendships to which I still cherish deeply to this day and of refreshed relationships… This was a year of letting go.

I learned what it means to feel helpless in situations where all I could do is pray and hope for the best. I felt this way during the Kerala Flood Crisis and yes, over the course of my lifetime, there have been other worldly disasters, but this was close to home. To be a voice, to help fundraise, to organize and bring Malayalees and Non-Malayalees alike to feel for the people of Kerala was something which I never foresaw myself doing for weeks on end. And yet, I was able to do so with the support of my networks and organizations.

Above all, this was the year I realized my worth and value. I do not need to be recognized for my hard work or acts of good for I know who I am, and I am a proud First-Generation Malayalee Woman who is letting the world know that there is more to me than just my culture, my skill-set, or my passions. I am a woman who will not be told to “shut up.” I am a woman who will continuously give back to my communities. I am woman with a passion.

I am the American Malayalee who has risen from the ashes of 2018 and will continue to rise in the years ahead.

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