Finding Your “Dream” Career

I believe most people wish to wake up and go to a job where they are excited to expel their creativity, improve their skills, and accomplish goals where they can be proud of, all the while balancing a life in general. And of course, somewhere amidst the 24 hours in a day, we’d be getting a paycheck that provides us with a comfortable lifestyle.

That’s the dream, right?

Reality is, we often settle for less. We put our dreams aside in order to put food on the table and to pay whatever bills and loans that pile up out of nowhere. That ideal career is exchanged for a livable wage, decent commute and stability.

To say, “you should never give up on pursuing that dream career,” does sound a bit naïve, especially in today’s technical age. Yes, it’s understood that the world requires – no, expects us to make sacrifices above our personal desires for career fulfillment…

But I still encourage everyone to hold tight on that dream, to continue doodling in that notebook of what it is you aspire to do, because (as I’ve been told more than once), nothing is permanent in this life. It may be that you momentarily let go of the idea, but that doesn’t mean you sideline it completely.

The Pathway

I’ve spoken to plenty of people who have told me their path to their dream career was nothing what they expected. It required taking those less-worn-out trails, exploring uncharted territory, and bruising an arm (or two), to get there. It will feel as if the world is against you for a while, but eventually, they are able to hold onto the reigns, take control and move in the right direction.

This is presently happening to me right now. I am in transition of pursuing that “dream,” that “passion,” I have for so long suppressed and be told not to follow, but I’m stepping up and out. I am taking a risk. I am simply being me…

It started out small, in fact, it was through this here blog, “Voice of an ABPD” where I started to channel my creative energy into somewhat, formulated thoughts. It started out as rants, then it became rhetorical-humanitarian questions and eventually, it became a place where I start to challenge stagnate idle ideas, we as humans choose to abide by. It became a place of realization of what I really wanted to do and that is to be an Evolving Voice… a communications entrepreneur for those who feel voiceless by any means to pursue what they wish do.


In all honesty, I didn’t envision this to be my career. I didn’t envision of becoming an “entrepreneur.” It developed over time and after networking with different people on a daily basis.

The world and its people are constantly changing and growing and with it, new careers are emerging. Our limits are ever-expanding, and what this means is our possibility to grow professionally is growing each and every day.

I was that person who didn’t believe in the college education system, for it wasn’t going to be pertinent to whatever it was I was going to invest myself it. It is after all, the experiences “on the job” that will mold you. But it was in attending University that my mind was opened to new ideas, opportunities and people. I grew up in a rather orthodox, sheltered life and had I not taken the decision to expand my educational knowledge, I wouldn’t be so inclined to pursue learning today.

I certainly am not the same person I was five years ago, let alone yesterday – neither are you. Ultimately, we’re all changing every minute of every day. Our dreams are fluid. What may have been a dream career may no longer be your size of suit.

Be willing to allow yourself for dreams to change and not feel guilty about letting them do so. Sometimes, you have to let go of those old dreams in order to let new ones in. It’s not giving up… it’s “growing up.”

Don’t be afraid of your dreams and what drives you, and certainly don’t try to stifle or forget them. They are a part of you. They may not happen tomorrow, so if you don’t see them appear suddenly, don’t feel bad. It will take time, but it will be your time. Everything in this world is always moving, so let it. Allow it to surprise you.

And remember, no matter how hard it seems, always try to follow your dreams.


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